Baby girl born with ‘back-to-front’ heart saved at three hours old

Baby girl with ‘back-to-front’ arrives home after two life saving heart surgeries: the first at three hours old -Published in the National Press 18th August 

chloeAt Stephanie’s 20 week scan, she found out that her baby’s heart was wired the wrong way meaning she wouldn’t be able to breathe on her own once out of the womb.

When she was born, baby Chloe was whisked away to be prepared for surgery to allow her to breathe on her own.

She had a balloon septostomy which allows her blood and oxygen to mix – to keep her alive until her major surgery to rewire the arteries.

It was an agonising wait for Stephanie as Chloe contracted NEC which put her surgery date back twice.

Chloe went in for emergency surgery when she was looking like she wouldn’t make it to her third date for surgery, and thankfully the surgeons were able to rewire her heart and save her life.

Chloe made a remarkable recovery and was discharged from hospital just seven days later.

Now, Chloe will have regular check ups but is likely to live a normal healthy life, despite her early struggle in life!

Chloe’s story was in The Metro, Mirror and Daily Mail – and she subsequently appeared on her local BBC TV news.

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