Beating the bullies!

Published in Women’s Own magazine – 18/08/2014

BEATING THE BULLIES, Women's Own, Aug 18th, GBThis is about an amazing woman, Linda James, who turned her life around and set up an anti-bullying charity.

Linda was bullied everyday as a child and this affected her whole life. She tried to commit suicide twice as a teenager and she lived with an eating disorder all her life, often ending up in hospital because of her weight.

But when she noticed her 15 year-old son was being bullied, she feared he too would try to kill himself and so she decided she needed to do something to help both her son and other children who are the victims of bullying.

Linda set up Bullies Out, an anti-bullying charity which is a huge success and she has received an MBE for her work.

She is now a healthy weight and is doing amazing work.

Linda has been put forward for the Role Model competition in Women’s Own and so a friend was asked to tell her story.


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