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Published in Chat – 05/06/2014 This one is about a woman who runs almost a marathon a week with her two dogs. She runs three times a week totalling up to seven miles each time, always with her dogs intact. She has bought a special harness which clips both border collies on to her and they help her along the… Read more →


The world’s most pampered pig!

Meet the world’s most pampered pig: the porker is treated to a life of luxury with it’s own bedroom and a new outfit everyday This one is about a cute pig, Penelopi, whose mother treats her like a little girl – she has her own bedroom with a full sized wardrobe, gets human treats and loves to go shopping with… Read more →

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My dog saved my life…Twice!

‘Ruff Rescue’ – Published in Chat magazine August 14th This is a story about a woman whose dog saved her life on two occasions. The first was in 2010 – Sharon’s dog followed her up to bed as usual. After dosing off, Sharon awoke to Phil pushing a Mars bar into her face.¬†Sharon was slipping into a diabetic coma (she… Read more →