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Published in Chat – 05/06/2014 This one is about a woman who runs almost a marathon a week with her two dogs. She runs three times a week totalling up to seven miles each time, always with her dogs intact. She has bought a special harness which clips both border collies on to her and they help her along the… Read more →



Published in Chat magazine 05/06/2014  This one is about a a man who has built a replica cockpit in his spare bedroom! John wanted to be a pilot all his life – but his maths abilities held him back. And so John decided to build a cockpit in his very own two-bed house, with the second bedroom making way for his hobby.… Read more →

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Married to a monster!

Published Chat magazine – 04/09/2014 This is a horrible story about a woman who was raped by her husband on their wedding night, and then every night for two years until she managed to get away. He has been found guilty of raping Claire, as well as rape and abuse of another four women. Claire was swept away when she… Read more →