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Terrace Terror!

Published in Chat magazine – 21/08/2014 This is about a family whose house exploded around them whilst they were watching TV – two years later they have finally moved back into their rebuilt home.   Sarah and Richard had just finished dinner and were watching TV in their living room when suddenly they heard a deafening bang and bricks from… Read more →

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Beating the bullies!

Published in Women’s Own magazine – 18/08/2014 This is about an amazing woman, Linda James, who turned her life around and set up an anti-bullying charity. Linda was bullied everyday as a child and this affected her whole life. She tried to commit suicide twice as a teenager and she lived with an eating disorder all her life, often ending… Read more →

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At last I had an answer!

Published in Pick Me Up magazine – 21/08/2014 This is about a woman who suffered for thirty years not knowing what was wrong with her. She never had any energy and often needed to take naps after lunch at work – but doctors had no answers for her. For the last five years before her diagnosis, her condition became progressively… Read more →