At last I had an answer!

Published in Pick Me Up magazine – 21/08/2014

AT LAST I HAD AN ANSWER, Pick Me Up, Aug 21st, GBThis is about a woman who suffered for thirty years not knowing what was wrong with her.

She never had any energy and often needed to take naps after lunch at work – but doctors had no answers for her.

For the last five years before her diagnosis, her condition became progressively worse and she was back and forwards to the loo every couple of hours.

She finally had enough and demanded answers – she booked herself in and paid to see a specialist.

Finally, after thirty years, his tests gave Serena the answer she needed.

Serena was diagnosed with coeliac disease and now lives off a gluten-free diet.

Although she has been left with permeant problems from eating gluten all her life (including osteoporosis and chronic joint pain) she feels like a new woman as she has her energy back.

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