Married to a monster!

Published Chat magazine – 04/09/2014

This is a horrible story about a woman who was raped by her husband on their wedding night, and then every night for two years until she managed to get away. He has been found guilty of raping Claire, as well as rape and abuse of another four women.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 13.50.54Claire was swept away when she first met Patrick and said she fell for his charm and six months after they met in 2008, she accepted his marriage proposal.

But soon after, the first sign of his true personality showed as he slapped her across the face. A few months before the wedding day, he forced himself on her for the first time, but Claire convinced herself it was a one-off.

She was terrified to call the wedding off and so went ahead with it in May 2009. But once the guests left and their hotel room shut, the nightmare began. Patrick raped and abused Claire for hours that night.

Once he fell asleep she snuck out and escaped to her flat where her parents were staying – she said they had argued, too ashamed to tell the truth.

But the next day, Patrick turned up at the door and took Claire back to their home. He raped her every single night. Occasionally he bought her presents – but would only give them to her after he had raped her.

After a horrific two years, Claire finally had the strength to flee. She escaped one night and went back to her flat where she had the locks immediately changed. She heard him scratching at the door that night and was petrified as she hid behind the sofa.

He kept turning up and confronting her in the street until eventually he gave up and they divorced in 2012.

But last year, Claire received a call from the police wanting to speak with her about Patrick Chinskie.

Another woman had had the strength to come forward and report his sexual abuse so the police contacted all of his ex partners.

Gradually, for the first time ever, Claire spoke about her abuse and it turned out there were another four women who had been through the same hell.

He was found guilty of 12 charges including rape, abduction and assault to sever injury and permanent disfigurement.

He is being sentenced in September 2014 and Claire hopes he rots in jail.


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