Ten-month-old baby donates his bone marrow to save his sister’s life!

‘The baby boy who’s given his big sister the best present ever: 10-month-old donates his bone marrow to halt his sibling’s rare, debilitating disease’ – Good Morning Britain (ITV) 28/08/2014 and National Press published August 14th.

seren and jacobThis one’s about a ten-month-old baby who donated his bone marrow to save his sister who was set to die from her rare disease.

Seren-Rose suffered from an extremely rare disease (mucopolysaccharidosis) which delayed her development and once she reached the age of three, she would start to deteriorate. 

Her parents were told her only hope for a normal life was to have a bone marrow transplant.

At eight months old their baby Jacob was tested and they were over the moon to find out he was a 100% match.

Transplant day was set for May 9th and it went perfectly well.

Seren’s body completely accepted Jacobs cells and so he has saved his sister.

The damage which has already been done to Seren from her condition cannot be reversed, but it has stopped her deteriorating further.

Seren is now back home and Jacob truly is her life-saver!

This made the Daily Mail, Daily Star and the family were on Good Morning Britain too.


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