Terrace Terror!

Published in Chat magazine – 21/08/2014

This is about a family whose house exploded around them whilst they were watching TV – two years later they have finally moved back into their rebuilt home.

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Sarah and Richard had just finished dinner and were watching TV in their living room when suddenly they heard a deafening bang and bricks from the walls around them flew towards them.

Eventually, they managed to clamber out of through the hole in their house and Richard ran straight over to the rubble which laid where his elderly neighbour’s house stood just five minutes earlier.

Richard knew the elderly woman was in, and it was because he told the neighbours to make sure she was found that her life was saved. Firemen battled through the bricks and rubble until they found her buried, but still breathing.

Richard and Sarah were taken to hospital and thankfully did not suffer any serious injuries. Whilst in hospital, they leant that their neighbour had too miraculously survived the ordeal.

Richard and Sarah were distraught when they heard their house and belongings could not be saved – they lost almost everything.

The house was demolished and took two years to rebuild, but now, two years on the family have moved into their rebuilt home and are finally able to get back to normal.

Investigations found that it was a gas explosion from the elderly neighbours house, but they were unable to find out where it came from and who was at fault.

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