The world’s most pampered pig!

Meet the world’s most pampered pig: the porker is treated to a life of luxury with it’s own bedroom and a new outfit everyday

PenelopiThis one is about a cute pig, Penelopi, whose mother treats her like a little girl – she has her own bedroom with a full sized wardrobe, gets human treats and loves to go shopping with her owner.

Mindi dresses the porker in a new outfit every morning with a matching bow or hat.

She takes Penelopi out for walks in her very own pram and takes her into the changing rooms when they go shopping together.

When they stop for a treat, Mindi buys her ice creams, ice lollies and Frapuccinos from Starbucks.

She has her own Facebook page which now has over 1500.

Mindi’s story has been on the Daily Mail and Express online, and had a big double page lead in the Express.


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